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Why should I use FormLLCDirect instead of a formation company?

Simple - FormLLCDirect is a 100% FREE service!

There are no hidden costs or service fees.

FormLLCDirect believes that it's time to make known the fact that formation companies are unnecessarily charging hundreds of dollars for a simple service that you can do yourself for free. Would you pay someone to open a bank account for you? Of course not! Forming a LLC is THAT EASY, and only takes a few minutes. You simply have to complete a formation document often called the Articles of Organization which generally consist of a number of straightforward questions such as the name of your entity, address, and the LLC's purpose. FormLLCDirect believes that it's time entrepreneurs and business owners learn the facts and stop letting formation companies get away with charging unnecessary inflated fees for mailing a simple 1 page form or even worse submitting a form online. A formation company cannot provide you legal advice and is essentially serving as a high priced courier service. Why pay hundreds of dollars for a service you can do yourself in minutes for free. FormLLCDirect will provide you with access to the same tools and information that formation companies have for FREE; since it is all publicly available and provided by each state.

FormLLCDirect also offers registered agent services provided by National Registered Agent Inc. and customized LLC Operating Agreements provided by This then provides you with all of the services that a formation company offers without the hidden cost. These services are provided by the leading companies in their field. FormLLCDirect offers these services as a convenience to you, and IS NOT compensated in anyway by these service providers, thus, allowing you to receive reduced rates on the services.