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Here is what some of them are saying:

"Thank you FormLLCDirect for showing me how easy it was to form my own LLC"

-J. Sullivan

Norfolf, VA

"I formed my first LLC a year or so ago using a formation company and the whole process cost me almost $400. I recently came across your site and decided to use your site to help me form my second LLC on my own and I couldn't believe how easy it was. I just wish I heard of your site when I formed my first LLC - I really could have found better ways to spend the $400. Thanks again."

-P. Oram

Long Beach, CA

"I couldn't believe how easy it was. I formed my Colorado LLC online in about 10 minutes and if I didn't find your site I would have spent hundreds of dollars using a formation company for something that was so simple."

-D Rose

Aurora, CO


"I just don't understand how formation companies can keep getting away with charging hundreds of dollars for a service that could be done by on your own in minutes for free. I was quoted a $275 service fee plus state fees and was close to paying it before I found your site. Thanks for saving me so much money."

-S. Grey

Forth Worth, TX

"I loved your website - it's awesome. I formed my Florida LLC in minutes and really liked your screen shot instructions." J Kim Jacksonville, FL "I was quoted almost two thousand dollars by a IRA service for forming a LLC and an Operating Agreement for my Self Directed IRA, I used your site and spent under $200 on state filing fees. Thanks for saving me so much money."

-D. Fletcher

Akron, OH

"Your website is amazing - thanks for saving me tons of money. I'm going to take the money I would have spent on a formation company and buy a new computer for my new business. Thanks again."

-R. Walter

Rochester, NY

"Your website is great - I really hope you put all the formation companies out of business soon."

-E. Saunders

Dallas, TX