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The Articles of Organization

The Articles of Organization (in some states this document is called a certificate or organization or certificate of formation) is an organizing document that is filed with the state limited liability company (“LLC”) filing office. An LLC comes into existence when its Articles of Organization are filed with the state LLC filing office. Any person can file the Articles of Organization. This person need not be a member of the LLC. In other words, the Articles of Organization is essentially a formation document that is filed with the state LLC filing office to form an LLC. The Articles of Organization typically contain basic organization information about the LLC, such as:

  • The name of the LLC
  • The name and addresses of its members and/or managers and its registered agent
  • The registered agent’s address (where legal papers can be sent by the state and by persons serving legal process on the LLC)
  • Whether the LLC will be managed by its members or selected managers

For the majority of LLCs, no additional information is required in the document. However, for some states, in addition to the basic elements listed above, some of the other elements required are:

  • A statement of whether the LLC is to be managed by the member(s) or by a manager, or managers, and the names and addresses of the member-managers or elected managers
  • That the LLC has two or more members or only one member
  • If any or all of its members are to be liable in the capacity as members for any or all of the LLC’s debts, obligations, or liabilities

Completing the Articles of Organization is quick and easy. Why pay hundreds of dollars to a formation company when you can form your own LLC in minutes for free!