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What is a Registered Agent?

A Registered Agent acts as the representative for receiving Service of Process served upon the company within the jurisdiction of any state where the company conducts business. Service of Process is broadly construed to include any legal proceeding, legal notice, or official government communication presented to the company while it is within the jurisdiction of a state. A registered agent also provides services for helping companies stay in compliance.

Why Should I Designate a Professional Registered Agent?

First and foremost, having a professional registered agent provides you with security and peace of mind.  Lawsuits can be ticking time bombs, fraught with potential liability for your company. Ensuring each Service of Process is properly received, forwarded to counsel correctly, and on a timely basis, is the first step in defending against a default judgment which could foreclose all opportunity to have your side heard. By appointing a professional organization to handle this responsibility establishes good business practices. As a professional Registered Agent, NRAI is an expert in the field of registered agent services and statutory representation. Unlike an employee or other individual for whom acting as registered agent is only one of many responsibilities, NRAI does not quit, go on vacation, relocate, or die. Since NRAI handles the Registered Agent responsibilities exclusively for thousands of business entities, there is never any guess work with the process of handling a Service of Process.

Who is National Registered Agents, Inc.?

Founded in 1995, National Registered Agents, Inc. is a professional service company providing Registered Agent services in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and many foreign jurisdictions. Managed by a well-known and experienced team of veterans, NRAI has been serving businesses for over a decade and has proven itself as a trusted expert. NRAI's primary business is to act as Registered Agent for a variety of business entities such as Business Corporations, Not-for-Profit Corporations, General Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Tax Haven Corporations, Insurance Companies, and Banking Companies. NRAI represents thousands of companies large and small throughout the world and has handled over one million service of process deliveries.