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How does it work?

FormLLCDirect provides entrepreneurs and business owners with direct access to the tools and information needed to form your LLC for FREE! FormLLCDirect will provide you access to all of the formation forms (i.e. Articles of Organization) necessary to form your LLC in all 50 states as well as guide you through the process in 4 simple steps. There are no hidden service fees or charges and no strings attached. It's easy and can be completed within minutes. Now there's no need to spend unnecessary money on formation companies when you can do it yourself for free! FormLLCDirect is here to help you!


Select a name for your company for FREE! Just enter the name of the company and in seconds you will know whether the name you have selected is available.


Form your LLC for FREE, aside from state fees. Simply complete an easy to answer one page form (i.e. typically called the Articles of Organization) and file with the state along with the state fees. To help you fill out the form, we provide you with user friendly instructions and screen shots to explain each question asked. It's quick and easy and can be completed in minutes.


Get a customized LLC Operating Agreement for your LLC provided by, the leading online provider of LLC Operating Agreements. Unlike formation companies who will offer "generic "form" type Operating Agreements as part of their service, FormLLCDirect believes that because the LLC Operating Agreement is the LLC's most important document, it's important that your Operating Agreement be provided by LLC Operating Agreement experts who can provide you with a customized LLC Operating Agreement tailored to satisfy the needs of your business. As a result, we have negotiated a special discount for all FormLLCDirect users with

Simply complete a number of user friendly customization questions and receive your customized LLC Operating Agreement in minutes. Try it FREE!


Get a Federal Tax ID in minutes for FREE! Every LLC needs one and FormLLCDirect provides you with the direct link to the IRS website to receive your EIN for free. It's easy and only takes seconds!

FormLLCDirect was created to give entrepreneurs and business owners the knowledge and tools to effortlessly form a LLC for FREE in minutes. FormLLCDirect is a 100% free service and will NOT earn any fees for its information or services.