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Steps To Set Up Your LLC– Its Easy to do on your own and Affordable!

Good news! it's a simple process and should take you relatively little time to form an LLC into a legal reality. The biggest misconception is that you need to hire a lawyer or a use a formation company to form your LLC because it is a complicated process. This could not be further from the truth! Today, many States have online websites where you can Check Name Availability an complete the Articles of Organization on your own.

It's easy and quick! The only document you should consider paying for is the Operating Agreement, but we will get to that in a bit…

There are 4 easy Steps to set up your LLC:

  1. Check Name Availability
  2. LLC Articles of Incorporation
  3. LLC Operating Agreement
  4. Obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN)


True Cost to Form Your LLC
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FormLLCDirect – Let Us Show You How To Form Your Own LLC In Minutes For Free!


FormLLCDirect is a 100% free service. We are a not for profit venture whose sole purpose is to educate and supply entrepreneurs with the tools necessary to form their own LLC so that they can use the money saved on legal fees and formation services to invest in their business.

About FormLLCDirect

FormLLCDirect is a not for profit service created for the benefit of all entrepreneurs and new business owners.

FormLLCDirect exists to educate entrepreneurs and new business owners that they do not need to spend hundreds of dollars on legal fees or formation service fees (when in most cases the formation company is simply filing a one-page formation document you could fill out and file on your own). Since the tools for forming a LLC are publicly available and provided free of charge by all 50 states, it is easy to form your own LLC in little time and for FREE.

FormLLCDirect gives entrepreneurs and business owners the knowledge and tools to effortlessly form a LLC for free in minutes saving you hundreds of dollars that you can invest in your business!

FormLLCDirect will help get your business up and running in no time with it's simple 4 Step LLC Formation Process.

Join the thousands of business owners who have used FormLLCDirect to form their own LLC in minutes for FREE!